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Covering the whole of the UK, Riviera will work with you to give you an enthralling Wedding centrepiece. Riviera’s passion & dedication in happy ever after captivates a ‘cake & love’ fortification. No cake is too grand or too petite, no concept too conventional or stupendous!

Willy Wonka: But Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted.

Charlie Bucket: What happened?

Willy Wonka: He lived happily ever after.


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Wedding Cake Menu


“The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last” – Willy Wonka – Chocolate Factory Owner

Galliano Vanilla Cake

Description: This 1950’s, French inspired, fanciful cake has a true vanilla pod hit. Galliano’s simplicity & purity of flavours make for a lightly textured sponge & a desirable finish.

Advised Accompaniment: Fluffy white Buttered frosting, delicately topped with magnificent marvels- fabulous flamboyant fudge!

Rich Red Velvet Cake

Description: This Southern American, rich, smooth red velvet truffle cake has a ‘velvet’ in your mouth texture. Made from 70% cocoa solids, a touch of beetroot red & the finest buttermilk in town, Rich Reds simplicity & traditional purity of flavours make for a light yet depthful sponge.

Advised Accompaniment: A generous dollop (true American serving) of freshly whipped cream cheese frosting. Living the American dream!

Chunky Chocolate Truffle Cake

Description: This rich, smooth ‘Socolate truffle cake’ has a melt in your mouth texture, combining a – Moist, chocolaty & nutty indulgence, Couverture Chocolate Ganache.

Advised Accompaniment: Crème de cassis coated cranberries soaked in Marc De Champagne, followed by socolate truffles /a light & delectable Champagne et le cognac to top as you please.

Luscious Lemon Limoncello

Description: A truly charming & opulent, Luscious lemon limoncello cake.

A deliciously flavoursome lemon limoncello sponge, complemented by a delightful & indulgent history.

Advised Accompaniment: Riviera’s refreshing homemade lemon curd, & light & fluffy lemon buttercream frosting…and last yet by no means least, a limoncello cocktail tipple – making for the perfect marriage (a marriage made in Limoncello heaven.)

Fruit Opera

Riviera’s – Cocktail Couture Cake

Description: A global cake connoisseur, holding a deliciously moist composition. Fruit Opera’s succulent texture & taste has developed through dramatic & instrumental attention to detail ..not forgetting it’s encouragement – lashings of the finest luxurious liqueur.

Advised Accompaniment: alongside its enchanting, devourable boozy heights (feel good finish) Fruit Opera’s odense marzipan, sweet sugarpaste & shimmering topping of choice makes for a memorable cake experience.


Wedding Couture Collection

Your Wedding Cake

Every cake creation carried out by Riviera Couture Cake Company is done so with excellent craftsmanship & exquisite attention to detail. Riviera Couture’s Cakes are baked & beautifully decorated with the perfect marriage – the freshest, finest & most delectable produce, standing side by side with; love, passion & commitment.

Renowned for her eye in precision, coinciding with her creative & elegant pieces of edible art, Cheryl will listen to your needs & requirements. In turn Riviera Couture work closely with you to customise & compliment your initial concept, idea or theme to ensure you receive a timeless cake centrepiece which shall be admiringly remembered by all for years to come!

Riviera’s Creative Process

Riviera Couture’s creative process is part of the experience for the happy couple. We believe in a magical personal approach.

To ensure you gain not only a visual piece of attraction yet a mouthwatering piece of distinctive deliciousness, Cheryl takes clients through every stage of a commission. This can include inspiration boards, sketches, colour schemes, consultations & cake tastings. And as the end product is too scrumptious to survive, there is also the option of having a professional photographer to ensure there is a keepsake.

Cake Tasting & Consultation


Should you decide to order a Riviera Couture cake design, Riviera offer a complimentary tasting & consultation for yourself & your fiancé within the historic & picturesque surroundings of the spa town of Buxton. This relaxing consultation shall take place in what is reputed to be the oldest hotel in England & one time host to Mary Queen of Scots – The Old Hall Hotel. Your charming consultation will give you the opportunity to view Riviera’s cake display/ portfolio & sample their pleasing cake flavours, fillings & preserves/accompaniments. You shall have the opportunity to taste your three favourite cake flavours & discuss your inspirations & ideas. In turn Cheryl is able to guide you if required into your cake connoisseur decision & design concept.

Riviera shall collaborate with you & provide support where needed, alongside excellent customer service.

It’s All About The Cake

To help us gain an insightful view for your wedding cake, Riviera invite you to bring along any form of wedding cake inspiration. This could be; inspiration boards, material swatches, flowers, colour palettes, visual theme ideas & more.

Riviera shall liaise with your selected florist & wedding venue prior to your wedding date. This is part of Riviera’s policy & attention to detail. We will ensure all elements of your cake, concerning; service, delivery, set up & overall detail & presentation are meticulously carried out. The finished product – The cake of a lifetime!

alice1Wedding Couture Collection

Covering the whole of the UK, Riviera shall work with you to give you an enthralling wedding centrepiece. Riviera’s passion & dedication in happy ever after captivates a ‘cake & love’ fortification. No cake is too grand or too petite, no concept too conventional or stupendous!

Tiered Couture Cakes

Two-Tiered Cakes from £200 | Three-Tiered Cakes from £325

Four-Tiered Cakes from £495 | Five-Tiered Cakes from £625


Riviera Couture Believe That Your Wedding Day Is As Much About The Groom As The Bride!! Do You Require A Wedding Cake/ Groom’s Cake Fit For A King!?!…

One For The Gentlemen

Grooms Cakes from £95


Wonka Wedding Bar

Pick & Mix Brownie Bar Hire for your event; Weddings; Graduations; Charity Balls.

Moreish Marvels Of Madness >


Moon River 

A truly charming & opulent, two tiered couture, hand painted cake. Consisting of a moon river palette- ie river blue, midnight blue, candy blue, turquoise/green & splashes of white/cream/other. Topped with a magical hand crafted water Lilly along with a hidden edible surprise ie – lemon truffles, Malibu truffles, champagne truffles, sprinkled with edible gold leaf.


Hello Dolly

An elegant candy coloured palette, two tiered couture delight.
Consisting of a Riviera Couture centre surprise – ie..lemon truffles/coconut truffles/cocktail truffles, macaroons, bon bons & edible flowers/flower petals. Topped with pretty candy coloured sugar flowers & a touch of shimmer/gold.


Summer Wind

Woodland palette & theme meets fashion – to give you a hand crafted ruffle/floral piece of edible art. Consisting of A Riviera Couture surprise inside -Lemon drizzle truffles, apple strudel truffles, summer surprise truffles. Dressed with shimmering ruffles, golden hues & a hand crafted, sugar floral assortment.


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Happy Ever After

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Tantalising Tastes


Cake Connoisseur


Add A little Je ne Sais Quoi To Your Cake

Cake centre surprise! Why not let your Riviera cake hold a hidden captivation & indulgent centre of your choice!

A Few Of Our Surprises Include…

Macaroons, fudge or truffles? We do a variety of these in many flavours – from lemon, Malibu, coconut to apple strudel, pink champagne, hazelnut & champagne truffles.

Personalised Cake Menus!

Our charming & imaginative menus can be created & supplied to your delicious requirements upon request.

Cake Sculptures

One Delicious Day Riviera Couture Came Top 8 Special Occasion Cake Company Within The UK & Ireland!

Do you require the Wedding Wow factor?

Yes… then look no further! Be sure to get in touch with us to discuss our range of cake and sugar sculptures.

Cake sculpture toppings from £25

Cake sculptures from £75


Bastian: How many wishes do I get?

The Childlike Empress: As many as you want. And the more wishes you make, the more magnificent Fantasia (Riviera) will become. 

– Neverending Story

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