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English Country Garden

Fresh vanilla sponge drizzled with pink champagne and a helping Grandma’s scones flavour, topped with strawberries and clotted cream.

y The Seaside

Chocolate chip cheesecake cupcake! Chocolate truffle cake with an indulgent surprise centre, topped with chantilly cream, rainbow sprinkles and edible sand.

Cherry Bakewell

Adoringly interchangeable, we give you our take on the exceedingly delightful Cherry Bakewell. Consisting of sweet treat layers and a topping of icing and flaked almond frosting.

For Big & Little Kids!

Name: Floss – Pink Candyfloss cloud cupcake
Magical power: Rainbow design
Gender: Female
Pet/Best friend: Angel – half angel, half unicorn
Personality: Sparkly, playful, smiley, fluffy, fun
Hobbies: Baking. Playing high sky hula hooping. Riding her candy pink miniature tricycle to school. Floating around with friends on her candyfloss cloud. Riding her magical unicorn
Favourite word: Flobbygoggle

Name: Snuffles – Toasted Marshmallow, Chocolate Popping Candy & Chocolate Milkshake Cupcake

Magical power: turning water to gold & gold to water
Gender: Male
Pet/best friend: Pineapple – Popping Parrot
Personality: Dozy, snoozy, foolish, smiley, kind
Hobbies: Cleaning the deck. Boot making. Finding buried treasure. Sailing on his candy popping chocolate ship. Teaching pineapple how to ‘boooggiieeee’
Favourite word: Ahoyarrrr

Name: Knickerbockersteampunk – Pick & Mix Cupcake, Brownie Bite, Salsa’s, Ketchup’s & Sweet Shakers Assortment
Magic power:
Time traveller
Gender: Female
Pet/best friend: Goggles – Mechanical horse
Personality: Creative, artistic, authentic, fun loving, ambitious
Hobbies: Inventing designer time machines, travelling in her knickerbocker time machine, learning different languages, riding with Goggles, testing Riviera couture’s futuristic cake flavour combination’s

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Galliano Vanilla Cake

Description: This 1950’s, French inspired, fanciful cake has a true vanilla pod hit. Galliano’s simplicity & purity of flavours make for a lightly textured sponge & a desirable finish.

Advised Accompaniment: Fluffy white Buttered frosting, delicately topped with magnificent marvels- fabulous flamboyant fudge!

Rich Red Velvet Cake

Description: This Southern American, rich, smooth red velvet truffle cake has a ‘velvet’ in your mouth texture. Made from 70% cocoa solids, a touch of beetroot red & the finest buttermilk in town, Rich Reds simplicity & traditional purity of flavours make for a light yet depthful sponge.

Advised Accompaniment: A generous dollop (true American serving) of freshly whipped cream cheese frosting. Living the American dream!

Chunky Chocolate Truffle Cake

Description: This rich, smooth ‘Socolate truffle cake’ has a melt in your mouth texture, combining a – Moist, chocolaty & nutty indulgence, Couverture Chocolate Ganache.

Advised Accompaniment: Crème de cassis coated cranberries soaked in Marc De Champagne, followed by socolate truffles /a light & delectable Champagne et le cognac to top as you please.

Luscious Lemon Limoncello

Description: A truly charming & opulent, Luscious lemon limoncello cake.

A deliciously flavoursome lemon limoncello sponge, complemented by a delightful & indulgent history.

Advised Accompaniment: Riviera’s refreshing homemade lemon curd, & light & fluffy lemon buttercream frosting…and last yet by no means least, a limoncello cocktail tipple – making for the perfect marriage (a marriage made in Limoncello heaven.)

Fruit Opera

Riviera’s – Cocktail Couture Cake

Description: A global cake connoisseur, holding a deliciously moist composition. Fruit Opera’s succulent texture & taste has developed through dramatic & instrumental attention to detail ..not forgetting it’s encouragement – lashings of the finest luxurious liqueur.

Advised Accompaniment: alongside its enchanting, devourable boozy heights (feel good finish) Fruit Opera’s odense marzipan, sweet sugarpaste & shimmering topping of choice makes for a memorable cake experience.

Do you require the Wedding Wow factor?

Yes… then look no further! Be sure to get in touch with us to discuss our range of cake and sugar sculptures.

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Choose your fun filled flavour..

Double chocolate trip
Triple chocolate challenge
Chocolate hazelnut edge
Gluten Free Funtastic

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Cookie Crumble
Popping Candy
Chocolate Shards
Pinball chewy’s

Choose your drizzly dressing…

Strawberry Salsa
Belgium Chocolate Ketchup
Butterscotch Drizzle
Raspberry Sauce

Choose your succulent size…

Brownie Bites
Brownie Slab
Big Bonkers Brownie

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Pick & Mix Brownie Bar Hire

…for your event Weddings, Graduations, Charity Balls, Parties & Corporate Events.

Wonka Bar  

A great way to keep the children amused! We supply everything including a Willy Wonka style cart serving our scrumptious brownie bites, four sweet options and one topping sauce.

£69.95 / 25 Children

Cake Cocktail Bar 

Who says kids get all the fun? Our cake cocktail bar offers guests six different candy/chocolate shard options, two toppings and our delicious gluten-free brownie bites.

£225 / 100 Guests

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