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Fancy sleeping on air. I wonder if anyone’s done it before. I don’t suppose they have.’ – C.S.Lewis, The silver chair and the last battle.

Seasonal Cupcakes


English Country Garden

Fresh vanilla sponge drizzled with pink champagne and a helping Grandma’s scones flavour, topped with strawberries and clotted cream.

425055_338274126247668_1057306548_nBy The Seaside

Chocolate chip cheesecake cupcake! Chocolate truffle cake with an indulgent surprise centre, topped with chantilly cream, rainbow sprinkles and edible sand.

Cherry Bakewell

Adoringly interchangeable, we give you our take on the exceedingly delightful Cherry Bakewell. Consisting of sweet treat layers and a topping of icing and flaked almond frosting.

Childrens Cupcake Range

For Big & Little Kids!

Introductory Offer… £2.25

Candyfloss 2Name: Floss – Pink Candyfloss cloud cupcake

Magical power: Rainbow design

Gender: Female

Pet/Best friend: Angel – half angel, half unicorn

Personality: Sparkly, playful, smiley, fluffy, fun

Hobbies: Baking. Playing high sky hula hooping. Riding her candy pink miniature tricycle to school. Floating around with friends on her candyfloss cloud. Riding her magical unicorn

Favourite word: Flobbygoggle

Name: Albert – Cloudy Lemonade & sweet & sour popping candy cupcake

Magical Power: Attempting to turn people invisible by using his magic fluffy buttercreams & lemonade dressings

Gender: Male

4Pet/best friend: Shoggles – (Bunsen Burner – A comical character & somewhat of a perfectionist)

Personality: Popping candy bonkers, knowledgeable, inquisitive, kind, eccentric, genius

Hobbies: Making objects invisible. Creating mind blowing cake flavour combinations for – Riviera couture cake company. Testing over sized, half sweet, half mechanical objects. Carrying out invisible experiments.

Favourite word/words: poppinggriddlecandycacen

Name: Snuffles – Toasted Marshmallow, Chocolate Popping Candy & Chocolate Milkshake Cupcake

Magical power: turning water to gold & gold to water

Gender: Male

Pet/best friend: Pineapple – Popping Parrot

Personality: Dozy, snoozy, foolish, smiley, kind

Hobbies: Cleaning the deck. Boot making. Finding buried treasure. Sailing on his candy popping chocolate ship. Teaching pineapple how to ‘boooggiieeee’

Favourite word: Ahoyarrrr

Name: Knickerbockersteampunk – Pick & Mix Cupcake, Brownie Bite, Salsa’s, Ketchup’s & Sweet Shakers Assortment

Mmm-cake-03Magic power: Time traveller

Gender: Female

Pet/best friend: Goggles – Mechanical horse

Personality: Creative, artistic, authentic, fun loving, ambitious

Hobbies: Inventing designer time machines, travelling in her knickerbocker time machine, learning different languages, riding with Goggles, testing Riviera couture’s futuristic cake flavour combination’s

Favourite word: Snozzle

Name: Pari pari – Madame Milkshake Cupcake

Magical power: Turning food science to – fine art/sweet cuisine

Gender: Female

Pet/Best friend: Shake – half butterfly, half umbrella

Personality: Delicious, artistic, cheerful, cheeky, intelligent, funny, passionate, kind

Hobbies: Hosting tea parties & cake tasting parties on the ceiling, sugar sculpting, singing, recipe writing, visiting friends, Practising etiquette, perfecting magical ability

Favourite word: Superstrawberrychunkychocolatefragilisticfreezeball


Father’s Day Cupcakes!

Chocolatastic Truffle Cupcakes… the way to a Man’s Heart!


For more funtastic cake flavours please visit our cake menu or get in touch!

A Character Cake Experience

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